Milford Track Tramp Treat

A professional engineer license requires yearly continuing education. I opted to leave the dark Alaskan winter in exchange for summer in New Zealand for some education credits. Providing environmental engineering in and around parks in Alaska gives me an interest in parks in other countries. Inspecting engineering technology in New Zealand allowed me to combine … More Milford Track Tramp Treat

The Rock Of The Marne

My cousin Karl recently sent me discharge/enlistment papers & WWI photos of our Norwegian Grandfather Edwin O. Johnson. His unit was listed as the 38th Infantry Regiment of the 3rd Infantry Division. He was in a 4-man machine gun crew. His Enlistment Record specified the A.E.F. Meuse Argonne Offensive. General John J. Pershing declared its … More The Rock Of The Marne

Lewis & Clark Subdivision – MOA Inspection

The Anchorage Bowl contains around 180 square miles. As buildable land disappears, the Anchorage Hillside has increased in attraction. The proposed Lewis & Clark Subdivision is located near the upper end of De Armoun Road. The site is close to 80 acres, including wetlands tracts, & around 30 residential lots. The average lot size will … More Lewis & Clark Subdivision – MOA Inspection


My 1st excursion to the Grand Canyon was with neighbor and bear hunting guide, Rob Fritts. Even though Rob was fighting cancer, he was a strong hiker. We trekked the mile vertical drop and spent a week in the canyon. I was excited at the prospect of getting a glimpse of the California Condor. A … More Condor!