Steve holds a Bachelors/Masters in Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota & University of Alaska; Registered Civil Engineer & Hydrologist. As a Captain in the U.S. Air Force, he served as an Environmental Engineer.

Continuing in Environmental Engineering, as District Engineer for the State Department of Environmental Conservation for Anchorage & Western Alaska; also working in many rural Alaska communities engineering water/wastewater systems.

After work with Arctic Slope Consulting Group, Steve started his own business in 2001, NorthRim Engineering.

Steve also studied piano performance at the University of Minnesota & University of Alaska. He worked his way through college as lifeguard & playing music out of the Twin Cities Musicians Union Local 30 AFM. Steve has played professionally in the Anchorage area at Sullivan’s Steakhouse, Elevation 92, Regina’s, & the Anchorage Symphony; also many parties & church services/events.

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