Lesson From Squanto

“A friendly Indian named Squanto helped the colonists. He showed them how to plant corn and how to live on the edge of the wilderness… As cultivating maize was unfamiliar to the Pilgrims, they relied on advice from Squanto, who shared with them the secret of proper maize-planting technique – sticking the seed in the … More Lesson From Squanto

Valhalla Baptism

Bluebird weather brings a mystical quality to the Chugach. Entering a realm, not unlike that encountered in Brigadoon. Portal to this paradise was entered through Bombardment Pass. Peeking, Raina, & Korohusk Peaks served as sentinels to our journey. Grizzly & Black Bears demanded our vigilance through their territory. Wildflowers added color to the mosaic. Kicking … More Valhalla Baptism

Spring Break ’79 – Relived

I was scrutinizing the couch in the Ramada Inn Steamboat Springs. Engineer professors instructed a cost/benefit analysis be conducted prior to any crucial decision. It was spring break 1979. A couple weeks earlier, University of Minnesota engineering classmate Dan Wirth suggested a Colorado ski trip for spring break. This would require skipping an engineering test, … More Spring Break ’79 – Relived

Home Movies

Roger, Bill, Grandma Emelia: Grandma Emelia, Bill Bow & Arrow: Topping Street Duck Display After Hunt w/Grandpa Chas & His Boys; Iona Lane w/Johnny & Betty: St. Croix Fishing Trip w/Uncle Johnny: Wedding- Judy & Butch Valois:

COVID Maui Maze

Wedding party plans included a trip south to Maui in December. The June wedding was isolated due to COVID; travel to Maui would also be dictated by COVID. Quarantine would immediately begin upon arrival if all protocol was not strictly observed; this required negative test result for SARS-CoV-2, NAA. This special “Hawaii test” had to … More COVID Maui Maze

Autumnal Vignette

Son Hans stopped by to check exceptional 2020 Rutabaga crop- followed by hike. Interesting wildlife stop by for garden visits. A pair of moose calves remedied their thirst. Just beat the frost from freezing out my potatoes. Pictured is my 3rd wheelbarrow of Yukon Gold potatoes from my little garden patch. The potatoes love compost, … More Autumnal Vignette

Alaskan Wedding Escape

COVID-19 dictated a change in wedding plans. The wedding escape plan moved to an isolated site up the Yentna River, far from population centers with possible virus contagion. The bride’s family operates a lodge below Lake Creek, Imm’s Inn. Bride Sara grew up in the neighboring “Germantown”. Sara’s father Larry owns the lodge & uncle … More Alaskan Wedding Escape