Valhalla Baptism

Bluebird weather brings a mystical quality to the Chugach. Entering a realm, not unlike that encountered in Brigadoon.

Portal to this paradise was entered through Bombardment Pass. Peeking, Raina, & Korohusk Peaks served as sentinels to our journey. Grizzly & Black Bears demanded our vigilance through their territory. Wildflowers added color to the mosaic.

Grizzly Bear Encountered After Moving Through Thick Brush- Luckily Out Of Our Path

Kicking footholds in the snow provided a stairway up the pass. We were greeted by a cannonade salute upon entry. Intermittent rockfall cascading down the shear face of Korohusk echoed the bombardment. The concussive crashing could abruptly cause awakening while asleep. Dall Sheep appeared unfazed by the sound as they traipsed through the pass, as we encamped.

Mount Rumble & Belicose Peak Behind Us- Hanging Valley Glacier Is “The Shroud”
Camp @ Bombardment Pass
Dall Sheep
Valhalla Baptism
Total Tarn Immersion

Snow-slides along the moraine added speed & giddiness to the descent (Snow-Slide Video Below). A tumbling stream emerging from the ice provided a welcome respite to cool our feet. As we snacked, Hans announced this to be Valhalla. He focused on the aqua-colored tarn below. He was inexorably drawn to the tarn; perhaps a thread from a memory, eons past when his Norse/Sami ancestors did likewise. Transfixed by the beauty he plunged into the icy water. A Valhalla baptism.

Total Tarn Immersion
Shedding Sheep Hair

Continuing to the valley floor we contemplated climbing Mount Rumble. Access was via Rumble Pass. The pass had enough snow to dissuade us & the high cirrus moving in forecast changing weather.

Headwaters Of Peters Creek

We hiked out the 17 miles to the Peters Creek Trailhead. We agreed to bring pack-rafts the next time.

Hans Eng 1st Descent Of Korohusk Glacier Snow-Slide

4 thoughts on “Valhalla Baptism

  1. Great story Steve, you are an amazing writer! Visiting you and your family in Alaska is tops on my bucket list. I hope you had a great 4th of July!🇺🇸


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